Legal and Risk Management Issues for Personal Trainers

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The contents of this blog are not to be construed in any manner as legal advice nor is there any intent to establish an attorney-client relationship through use of this blog. Any legal situation is heavily dependent upon the particular facts presented and if you as a reader believe you are in need of advice please contact an attorney for a confidential consultation.


This publication is written and published to provide accurate and authoritative information relevant to the subject matter presented. It is published with the understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering legal, medical or other professional services by reason of the authorship or publication of this work. If legal, medical or other expert assistance is required, the services of such competent professional persons should be sought. Moreover, in the field of personal fitness training, the services of such competent professionals must be obtained.

Adapted from a Declaration of Principles of the American Bar Association and Committee of Publishers and Associations

Welcome -

If you ever wanted to know and appreciate how the law impacts what you do as a personal trainer, then this blog will address that need. If you ever wondered what to do when setting up your business, developing your contract documents or forms, or establishing your protocols, this blog will help you find the right resources to assist you. If you want to stay out of court, this blog is for you!

In this blog, every two weeks or so you will receive a variety of insights and risk management information for your personal training practice – when to consider using a release or an assumption of risk form; how to find a lawyer in your state who knows something about personal training and your needs as a personal trainer; what kind of insurance should you be looking for; should you consider selling nutritional supplements; when should an informed consent be used and hundreds more topics. These tips should help you and other fitness professionals to evaluate what you are doing right in your programs and what you may be doing wrong.

Sometimes, this blog will provide information about what is wrong in personal training by citing a host of references. Other times, this blog will provide information about what is right by reference to current legal cases involving personal trainers. The blog will tell you about standards development and educational issues and which states may require personal trainers to have a license or be registered to provide service. Lastly, the blog will talk about developments in the industry so professionals will know what they can do to help themselves or in the event they have a problem, so they can help their lawyers.

When you have questions, please leave a comment below. While no actual legal advice can or will be provided in this blog, information will be provided which can assist personal trainer in a number of ways.

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