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Career Athletes sat down with member David L. Herbert for a member spotlight on his experience as a lawyer and author.  Read the interview at



Follow the link below to see what American Fitness magazine said about The Personal Trainer in their January/February 2014 edition.





December 8, 2013 - David Herbert provided STT (Smarter TeamTraining) with an exclusive interview - click below  link to hear this recent interview.



August 7, 2013 - The Personal Trainer, A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed and Lust was just recently reviewed in the Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio). The story was laid out in detail but without giving away the complete story and without revealing the ending. It was a great presentation of some of the main concepts put forth in the book. The reviewer thought the introduction of the personal trainer's main client should have been put forth earlier in the novel. What do you thnk?





In November, 2013, the author made a presentation at the NSCA State Clinic in Carmel, IN and entitled “Current & Future Legal and Standards Issues Impacting Fitness Professionals”, followed by a book signing for THE PERSONAL TRAINER, A TALE OF PAIN, GAIN, GREED & LUST.


In October, 2013 at the Club Industry 2013 Conference and Exposition for Fitness Business Professionals in Chicago, IL, Mr. Herbert did a book signing for his fictional novel entitled THE PERSONAL TRAINER, A TALE OF PAIN, GAIN, GREED & LUST and made a presentation at the Personal Trainer Summit entitled, “Update on Standards and Legislation for Personal Trainers.”



A presentation about the author and the book, The Personal trainer, A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed and Lust will be made by David Herbert in Columbus, Ohio on August 18, 2013 from 5 to 7:30 at Columbus State University College, Work Task Force Building, 315 Cleveland Avenue. The book will be available.


Mr. Herbert traveled to Waukesha, WI in July, 2013 for the NSCA Regional Conference and presented a seminar dealing with “The Current & Future Legal and Standards Issues Impacting Fitness Professionals” followed by a book signing for THE PERSONAL TRAINER, A TALE OF PAIN, GAIN, GREED & LUST.



The publication of The Personal Trainer was formally announced on March 16, 2013 at a meeting of personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches just outside Chicago, Illinois.  One of the Author’s first book signing is to be held at The Buckeye Bounce Club in Dublin, Ohio, which is owned by Trisha Yokum, the model for the cover of the book!

Book Signings:

                   When                                                                                             Where

July 20, 2013       2:00 – 4:00 pm                                                            Westland Area Library
                                                                                                    4740 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio
July 27, 2013        9:00 – 10:00 am                              National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
                                                                                                                       State Meeting
                                                                                                               Country Springs Hotel
                                                                                                                Waukesha, Wisconsin
July 28, 2013        6:00 – 10:00 pm                                                        Buckeye Bounce Club
                                                                                                 3967 Presidential Parkway, Powell, Ohio


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