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“The author, David Herbert, is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the fitness profession today. His book, The Personal Trainer, clearly reflects his expertise in a brilliant, fictional story that is extremely accurate but unfortunately describes the type of things that can happen, in the health club/fitness industry. The novel’s characters create a convoluted story of suspense and drama that could easily become a movie. If you enjoy a great story that could be about someone you know or who works out in your gym, you'll love this book.”

Sal A. Arria, DC
Founder, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA);
President, National Board of Fitness Examiners, Inc.
Carpinteria, California

“I really liked the book . . . It’s a great story. . . . You do an excellent job with the reader’s
emotions . . . I like your creation and mix of characters . . . This novel makes the reader aware of
the unethical and illegal conduct that sometimes goes on in the fitness and legal professions – I
like how you addressed these things within the story. The reader is becoming informed in an
entertaining/interesting manner.”

JoAnn M. Eickhoff-Shemek, Ph.D., FACSM, FAWHP

Exercise Science
School of Physical Education & Exercise Science
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida


​The “Must Read” Book of the Year for 
Fitness Professionals.

The Personal Trainer: A Tale of Pain, Gain,
Greed, and Lust
is a fictional legal thriller that
hits to the very heart of the fitness professional
and industry as a whole. David L. Herbert has
been writing about legal and professional issues
in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Some
of the most compelling cases are brought to life
in an effort to remind the public and the fitness
industry the dangers of not having consensus
minimal professional standards and ethical

Although the book is a fictional legal thriller,
fitness professionals can learn a lesson on the
ramifications of practicing without sound ethics,
education, and training. Unsafe and unethical
practices can detrimentally affect clients and in
some cases affect the families of those

individuals as well as public perception of the profession. Mr. Herbert does an excellent job of
painting the pictures from each party’s perspective in the book. This style of writing and the
fact that these stories are similar to actual cases is what will grab the reader’s attention.

The ASFP highly recommends this book to fitness professionals to learn from and understand
that they should become more active in improving the profession. The ASFP applauds Mr.
Herbert for writing such a book in an effort to educate the fitness professional.

The ASFP is not financially tied to the book recommended in this article. The ASFP is promoting
this book as an educational tool for the fitness professional on the need to conduct their
professional businesses in a safe, educated, and ethical way. We encourage all fitness
professionals to join the ASFP to address fitness professional issues as well as public health

Press Release from:   Phillip Godfrey, MES   
CEO/President at American Society of Fitness Professionals  (ASFP)



"I finished reading your book last night. I really enjoyed the book! . . . There are many valuable lessons to be learned from reading this book, especially for those fitness ‘professionals’ who have taken the quick and abbreviated route into the fitness industry. . . . all fitness professionals would greatly benefit from reading your book and the enlightenment it would bring to them. Perhaps more importantly, their client's would benefit from more safe, effective, and professional services rendered by their trainer . . ."


Michael Iserman, CSCS, ACSM-HFS, NASM-CPT, ACE-AHFS, ACE-CPTDirector of Personal Training

National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA)


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The book draws upon 40 years of the author’s legal experience and over 35 years of involvement in the fitness, sports and sports medicine fields.  The book examines pre-participation screening, exercise prescription, informed consent, the use of waivers/releases, policies, procedures, emergency response concerns, risk management recommendations and much more. 


It is an essential tool for all fitness professionals and personal trainers in their dealings with clients.  It will provide an invaluable reference to help protect all fitness professionals and personal trainers from suits and judgments. 

A must read!


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