The Personal Trainer

Anthony James Piccini, “Tony”, a former high school athlete and gym rat, became a personal trainer at an Upper Arlington, Ohio health club known as FitAgain.  Even though he was a college drop-out, he was “trained” and “certified” as a personal trainer by FitAgain to provide service to health club members.  Tony and other such trainers serviced many club members, particularly the women members in a variety of ways.  Eventually, he was hired as a personal trainer for a young mother desiring to get into shape after a recent child birth.  The result of his lack of true expertise turned the young mother’s life and his own upside down.  The legal system was brought to bear upon Tony to judge his conduct.  However, flaws in the justice system called into question who ultimately had to pay for Tony’s failings.  In the end, his life hung in the balance between right and wrong, pain and gain as well as greed and lust.

The Personal Trainer


The Personal Trainer


A partial cast of characters:
Anthony James Piccini – “Tony” – the personal trainer
Meri Margaret Lawrence –Tony Piccini’s client
Charles Davis – a judge presiding over Tony’s civil trial
Juror 642 – one of the jurors serving in the justice system
Peter Grant – an academian trying to break into the lucrative expert witness business
James Urban – the County Prosecuting Attorney, an up and coming politician
Mark Trudeau – a business tycoon of FitAgain - a lucrative health club chain
Mitchell Malloy – CEO of a nutritional supplement company on the path to becoming super rich.
Jason Hatfield – an insurance company lawyer
Alan Finestein and Walt Manos – Tony’s lawyers
John David – an Ohio lawyer and Meri’s father

Personal Trainers:

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